an addendum to my favorite things list

Radiolab has become my most favorite of low hanging fruits in the informational hunter gatherer society that is the internet.  It is premium high-end infotainment.  It’s free and it has stretched my mind and made of me a nuisance to my friends.  Now from Michael it’s always, “On radiolab I heard this” and “did you know that (insert radiolab factoid here)?”

So if you’ve got any long drives or tedious labor queued up in the near future  subscribe to the podcast and your pain will be eased as you learn about parasites that cure allergies and how we all blink at the same times in movies and how babies and primitive societies count logarithmically.  You too can amaze and tire your friends with science!


4 responses to “an addendum to my favorite things list

  1. Do you want comments on your blog? Cause Im going to leave one now. Radiolab! Agreed! Probably my second favorite podcast. Did you hear the one about the fellow that had really bad allergies and found a solution lurking in the latrines of Africa?? I have been obsessed with researching more about it.

  2. Hi Megan!! Welcome back. Yes I want comments and yes I, too, am a little obsessed about the allergy neutralizing tapeworms. Luckily my allergies are not too bad- maybe I just don’t know about my tapeworm. Still I want everyone I know who suffers from seasonal allergies to get tapeworms which is just the sort of mad wonderful science the show is always pushing. And by the time they’re done it doesn’t even sound mad just wonderous- as in I’m constantly wondering about stuff I never would have thought about before- like getting a tapeworm on purpose or when I blink in movies. Its just that folks who don’t listen to the show aren’t interested in talking to me about this shit and so I’m using my blog to promote it so I’ll have stuff to talk with you all about.

  3. I am going to go do some barefoot and barehanded gardening right after I post this comment, in an effort to pick up some benign micro-organisms through my skin and alleviate my seasonal allergies. 🙂

    Tapeworms seem a little gross, though, Wikipedia says some species can reach 30 meters in length. I don’t want a 120 foot worm in my belly!!!!!!

    Michael, I like the radiolab factoids, so please feel free to discuss the latest whenever in my company. We may have to put up with Hotsauce and H-bomb rolling their eyes at us, but that is a ok.

    PS Love the photo of your gutter up top.

    • Ben! WordPress thought you were spam but I saved you from the buggy filtration software pit of despair. Better safe than spamful, I guess. We’ve been in the backyard picking strawberries talking about your dirt as preventative medicine theories. We (heart) benign microorganisms!

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