Further Cake Mysteries Revealed!

My ongoing investigation has uncovered some before and during photos of cake and revelry.

Allow me to reveal:

MMMMM.  I’d put my face all over that so I could have the whole thing all to myself.  Those strawberries are reminding me…  Come over to the house soon and pick from my backyard patch before the squirrels and pigeons and groundhogs get them all.

Back to the cake.  How much force is required to shift the whole cake structure like this?

seismic shift. cake tectonics!

And the final reveal:

Happy Birthday, Sucka!

An added note from this later edit:  I thought I couldn’t have more respect for the bravery/insanity of a certain birthday lady, who’s anonymity we’ll protect by calling her Miriam.  I’m just realizing that she performed her devastating move with full knowledge that she was next in line for the Mordida.  Does she have no respect for the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction?  Perhaps her thinking was that if she mashed K2’s sweet face into that sugary cake hard enough there’d be nothing left for her to, well, face.  I think the truth is revealed in the look of unbridled joy on her face.  So many years she’d waited patiently for the opportunity to do that to someone else on her own birthday.  What better present could she ask for?

Well, Miriam, next year this late bloomer will be ready for his first mordida.  Please be gentle!


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