My friggin metrics

Damn this metrics software!  Now when anyone clicks on the blog wordpress keeps tabs and lets me know how I’m doing.  Today I have 49 hits, a new record!!  Please one more click.  I just need one more.  I am using my mind powers to get one more bored distracted soul to bite.  Probably a facebook post would be a more effective cry for attention.  Stupid metrics.  I preferred blogging in the dark of uninformed cyberspace before I had stats to obsess about.

Hey, a visit from Pancho y Panchito!  Let me ignore them a few more moments while I check on that graph…


One response to “My friggin metrics

  1. How sad is this? I’m commenting on my own post about my fucking metrics. Pathetic. Still, I think it’s worth noting that after correcting a time zone glitch my views for the day jumped to 60, baby! I’m pretty sure this is completely due to Ada posting the blog on facebook and her supportive friends padded my numbers big time. Now, how can I pander to them to keep those numbers up…

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