hhhuhhh….  Sweet potato poisoning….  Have taken copious notes over fancy dinner for informative food challenge review… too weak…


2 responses to “….

  1. I love sweet potatoes but my new mission in life is not to scuppered in by the beauty of fresh produce at the local French market and only buy things that I will use that night. Otherwise I end up with a kitchen resembling Pasture’s lab and a guilty conscience rivaling BP’s.

    Also Michael I am very upset with you. I only recently was made aware of this blog – not cool man…not cool. When are you coming to Chicago so that I delight y’all’s taste buds with big city food?

    • I was just thinking about you and Ian and Peepers and the Canadian and wondering when you could come back to enjoy our small city beverage prices. Come fast they’re getting pricier all the time! I would love to visit Chicago in the distant future of 2011.

      Don’t be mad. I also have only recently been aware of this blog.

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