Life is Good

Generally my eyes narrow, my disposition sours and the dial on my grumpy-old- manometer registers about 7 when I see a new store in Asheville selling any Life is Good paraphernalia.  Advertising to the world in cartoon format how good your life is seems distastefully smug and self satisfied.  I know it’s just a harmless flag promoting an easygoing outlook, but for me its a dangerously unlucky tempting of the fates.  I prefer the more measured, “Life is good… for now.”

And it is.

Which first ice cream or margaritas?

We haven’t watched a documentary about inequity, war or genocide in days.  Our ambitious goal of eating at the Starfish Co. three times in three days has been met.  Our friends and families are healthy.  The beach has cured my athletes foot issue.  Life is pretty good…

More self congratulatory life affirming photos:

we had help, really!

morning flight out (sad face)

$1.50 Michelob draft!

Happy birthday beautiful wife!   Happy Fathers Day Dad and all you other diddys!

obligatory glory shot


4 responses to “Life is Good

  1. Wha?! Hot Sauce reading trash? Good thing you had the camera with you. Happy Birthday, Sauce!!! Nice pics.

  2. Nice! p.s. I have every intention of making you a chocolate cake … I just have to get this little dog back in shape.

    • If I’d seen Rocket sooner I would have aborted the L.I.G. post because all of our canine friends are definitely not well. She looks so pitiful but I know with lots of love and rest and doggie drugs she’ll be back off the bench and into the full court crazy in no time.

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