keeping the vacation alive through facebook

2010: the distant future

Here in the distant future a 3 day vacation can stretch on for weeks and allow for any number of virtual guests who require neither room nor board nor small talk.

My facebook album:!/album.php?aid=19211&id=100000258934577

Sorry!  On second glance the photo comes across as “slickly” ominous in light of current events.  I just thought it looked cool.  Do not cancel your beach trip.  Support the gulf!  (disclaimer: Our trip was in no way altruistic.  We just found cheap flights.)


10 responses to “keeping the vacation alive through facebook

  1. Your virtual vaca is exclusive to those don’t have a Facebook account. I was so close to being on the beach with you and Ada only to have the electronic matre d’ turn his nose up and show me the door.

    • really? I’ve got my privacy set to “wide open please spy on me.” I’m a facebook exhibitionist with all the blinds raised. All so you can be the last man standing outside the walled city of social network nirvana.

  2. Swell post. Have you two (Ben) thought of combining your blogs into a kind of Odd Couple 2010 mash-up? Ya’ll are both equal parts Felix and Oscar in your observations, peccadilloes and grumpy 30-something-isms. 🙂 Keep it up.

    • Hold on let me look up peccadilloes. Isn’t that a cafeteria? My favorite little icon on the macbook is the dictionary! I love ad free word explaining software. I used to keep a legal pad of written out definitions that I never once referred back to and now I keep an ever lengthening word document which is way easier to find.

      Good idea and don’t think I haven’t done some wishful thinking in that direction. We’re still trying to figure this blogging thing out individually but there’s a great hidden blog of email pep talks and peeves.

      peccadilloes… reminds me of Los Pecados de Padre Amaro. That was a pretty hot movie.

      • I thought peccadilloes was a large number (15 or so) of the shell-backed, near blind vermin that we used to hunt. I love getting my literary ego checked by Colleen’s vocabulary. She rocked me with trodlodytes yesterday, but I played it off like I use it all the time.

  3. Yeah I was the only dummy in english lit classes asking for definitions. “Ecuse me, what’s a hegemony?” I got good at ignoring the sideways, who let the barbarian through the gates?, look. Also I’m forgetting how to properly punctuate questions in the middle of sentences.

  4. I’ve been making up punctuation placement as I go because no one else who reads the blogs knows the rules. I also have been ravaging the “no run-on sentences” law. If we send Nancy or Penny the links, we are doomed!

    • I’ve just picked one rule to enforce ruthlessly like medusa in that stinky cave guarding the shield Percius needs to beat the Craken. I am self-appointed guardian of “Ada and I” went to the beach/ the blackened grouper sandwich belongs to “Ada and me.” Every time I overhear the words I or me in a sentence the little snakes in my hair raise up and I’m ready to cast my petrifying verdict!

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