Hailballs part 2

Ada’s in Detroit for the week so of course the dryer is in the middle of the kitchen with buckets of paint and brown bananas on top.  I just pulled my laptop out of the sink to do this post.  The bread for my 12th turkey sandwich is toasting down below my right elbow as I type while perched on this stool/island of calm in a sea of man clutter.  Soothing toaster therapy for carpenter’s elbow!

These brief glimpses of bachelor life are excellent marriage strengthening exercises.


2 responses to “Hailballs part 2

  1. Michael, have I found you? This is great, so I hope so. What about Carpenter’ Logic blog? Me

  2. Hi Mom!!

    This better be me or somebody else knows way too much about my life and has bathing suit pictures of my wife in which case I’m in trouble deep. My old blog is still floating through cyberspace on life support but it was more fun to start something from scratch- although with all the templates and widgets it’s not really from scratch. Still…

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