I am…

the mosquito whisperer.  The day’s gone dark on me perched here on the back deck in my papoosan comfort bowl.  Just me in my digital cocoon with the laptop (in my lap!) sporting headphones although I’m not listening to anything.  No music on the macbook yet but I’m so used to wearing hearing protection it felt natural to keep them on when whatever youtube video ended some time back.  I like the soft pressure on my ears, and in my $12 walkman style headphones I can still hear the world around me- which is eerily quiet besides the occasional unmuffled engine accelerating in the distance.  Some far off thunder.  The birds chatter crazily all day but I’ve never noticed how they keep respectfully silent after light’s out.  Are they afraid in the darkness, or just sleepy?

The fireflies are populous this summer so every few seconds I get a tiny beacon flirting with my laptop glow.  I can feel mosquitos hovering over my bare legs but nobody’s biting.  My personal dress code usually doesn’t allow for short pants but today I busted out some slinky b-ball shorts that go down past the knee and look very much like pre-depression bathing attire.  See the black shorts.  See the WHITE legs.  I had been wearing light blue bon jovi jeans (because they were last popular when Bon Jovi was) but was afraid of blowing out the knees/ crotch region during the baseboard installation so I switched to shorts and strapped on some knee pads.  Boy this is fascinating information.

Anyway.  No bites.  I always assumed the long pants were a necessary protection but here are my meaty legs all laid out for dinner and no customers.  Just a bite or two on each ankle and the dainty eaters quit.  So what’s wrong with MY blood?

ps-  sorry photophiles.  Ada took the camera with her so it’s just me and this font wordpress has chosen for us.  It’s been nice not waiting on uploading photos.


7 responses to “I am…

  1. Ha! I thought that was an activist car I spotted in your driveway. No wonder I haven’t gotten any calls from Sauce concerning cupcakes, cake, ice cream, pie, chocolate, sugared pecans, cobbler, tart, sweet rolls, brownies, cookies, lemon squares, raspberry bars, etc.

    P.S. How do I get a picture to surround the text box on my blog?

  2. Hbomb – my new obsession is lemon. Lemon curd, lemon cupcakes and I’ve got this lemon cake recipe I want to try with you since your the best damn baker this side of the Black Forest.

  3. Saddest handcrafted emoticon ever!!! 3 asterisk tears!
    So sorry, please more comments directly related to McLurian pronouncements and less whispering at the back of the room about eating disorders.

  4. Okay, McLure — your blood must be too chaste for mosquitoes. Now, back to this lemon cake. Sauce, Lael told me she’s only eating sweets on Fridays. Maybe I could try similar and start new diet on Monday, and and we could make the cake next Friday.

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