The week of speedposts

I miss my vacation when hours of blogging was a productive use of time!  This week the assignment is a post a day in a paragraph or less.  Hopefully this will free up enough time to have the bathroom un-teared-up before Ada gets back from the post apocalyptic city of Detroit.

Has anyone heard of game cams?  (paragraph rule violation!!)  Michael McLure likes them.  Especially when they capture bobcats!


6 responses to “The week of speedposts

  1. Heard of game cams? Every year just before and during hunting season all the guys at work bring in the SD cards out of theirs and print up all the pictures. Then we spend the next 6 months recounting every detail of every picture. You’d love it….I guess.

  2. just the highlights! I’ve been laughing (in my mind) thinking about your telltale typing taps. At least we’re past the days of really noisy keyboards. I bet they designed the early ones to be noisy as heyell to comfort the transition.

  3. We have one of these game cams, but so far all I’ve pictured is some unidentified men pissing on the lawn. What would you know about this?

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