The Super Spoon

An announcement regarding advances in passive cuddling science.

Allow me to introduce the super spoon:

Super spooning is an elevation of common spooning that unifies its tableware mimicking participants into a state of shared comatose bliss.  Several key ingredients are required.  A heavy meal the night before such as ribs and cobbler will ensure a deep enough sleep state for a fully effective super spoon.  Don’t eat that third helping of cobbler or you’ll sleep right through the event.

Overpoweringly comforting white noise is the second recommended ingredient.  You may consider sleeping to replays of the world cup and full immersion in the vuvulela horn but I find the pitch to be a little high.  We use an air filter set to the 3 position.  Last night we finally gave in and dragged the window unit down from the attic and fired it up.  Unit’s getting on in her years and each year her noisy racket grows stronger.  The combined harmonics of the two machines and the full bellies and the beer cave temperatures united this morning to form the Voltron of spoons- the super spoon.

Super spoon was inspired by the less family friendly “super soak”:


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