Bowling trumps soccer in Bristol

Ten of us have occupied a pizza and sub shop/sportsbar in Bristol, TN to watch the world cup final.  We stopped to watch the game on our way home from Virginia where we camped out for the highly enjoyable opening of the Wayside Center.  We’re still in camping mode so four of us are on the floor lounging on my papoosan mattress which doubles as a sleeping pad.  I’m using up the unlimited wireless.

The restaurant is empty except for us and before we came in bowling reigned on the flat screens.  This is the heart of Nascar country and not fertile ground for world cup enthusiasm.  This year I’m into it, if only to have an excuse to drink a beer at 2:30 every afternoon.  Two-thirty is the new four-twenty.

In case you were lucky enough to miss it, the final game was terrible.  After a mind numbing hour there are no goals and a record setting 8 yellow cards and counting.  There’s still 15 minutes left but I’ve given up on any action topping the flying kung-fu kick to the chest in the first half.

We’re pulling the plug here and heading out in search of Dairy Queen.  Wish us luck!


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