are looking up.  I found my phone charger and mail-in rebate form.  It was right at eye level in the kitchen where I’ve been painting in the evenings all week.  What a roll-a-coaler!

All is well and good and aligned in the universe since we’ve been graced by the company of prima Fernanda from Mexico, D.F.  Thank you Fer for so graciously allowing us to exploit your teen energy!

my missing phone charger was just above Fer's head!

This week Fer’s been working at Beth and Christopher’s lovely Red Wing Farm where she’s turning compost and shelling black beans alongside the summer interns from Warren Wilson College.  Her grandmother Myrna is worried she’ll be rounded up in a raid and deported but it’s really not that kind of farm.

Fer’s got a great attitude. The only complaint I’ve heard out of her was yesterday when after quietly suffering for hours from food poisoning she mildly said, “Michael, mmm, my stomach hurts?” Before leaping out of the truck into traffic to barf in the grass at KFC.

A sweet older couple interrupted their early Kentucky Fried dinner to offer a wet rag for Fer’s neck and warn us of the dangers of sun poisoning.  Fer did have a wicked sunburn from spreading hay atop cardboard in full sun without protection on her fair (pun somewhat intended) skin, but we’re pretty sure it was the chicken (not KFC) that did her in.

I raced the prima home where she proceeded to turn green and then sleep for 3 hours.  As only teenagers are capable of she was awake and bubbling with energy before Ada and I went to bed.  She’s indestructible, and cute.

Preem’s biggest complaint about the whole affair was that throughout the feverish haze of misery she’d begun thinking in english.  Que horor!


9 responses to “Things…

  1. Get Prima a sunhat!!!! sunscreen!!! tell her to completely wrap herself up in clothing from head-to-foot at all times!!! Protect that skin — that’s my motto. Also, I’m trying to see if my vanity tag is now Malinda’s salad. If it is, then I know what I’m doing enough to instruct you.

  2. salad, check. Also I totally agree with sunscreen obsession but only because I have a leathery neck like I’ve spent the last 30 years surfing. Damn that summer as a lifeguard!

  3. Oh no! Sunscreen! Bandannas! Big hats! We have them all out here! Are you and Fer coming to extract honey and make wine with us tomorrow?

    • Fer’s in! Michael has an experimental massage from the inexperienced and unliscensed massagers downtown. He (I) will try to get there by 3:00 for the meade parte.

  4. I am no longer a salad. The Mayor figured out her gravatar pic — you’d better get on the stick, McLure! Milkweed, if you get this before tomorrow, will you email me directions to your place? I think I can remember, but just in case. I’m going to try to make it for some of the fun if I’m not death-on-a-cracker status.

  5. Hi Michael: We have enjoyed your stories of prima Fernanda, and have also seen some very good photos of her working at the farm, I¨m glad the “migra” was not around. Tell her we miss her a lot but her North Carolina vacation sounds terrific.I talked to Suegra, my dear cousin, she is verry worried about the Bravo, so am I. Tell Adita we all send her our love, and thanks to the two of you for the wonderful experience Fernanda is having, we have roll and paint ready for her and my walls are higher than the beautiful girasol. So Adita and Michael, when are you coming to Mexico, I mean Mexico not Matamoros. Love


    • Myrna,

      We can’t wait to come to mexico as soon as plausable. This winter we’re heading to Colombia (hopefully) so that will use up all of our travel money. I will not be available for any painting or farming projects during our next visit to Mexico linda.

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