Vida Verano

I wanted to just post this picture of Fer and the mutant sunflower but after reading Ben’s Blog the post has a dual title:

Unprotected Man Announces Pregnancy on Blog Before Telling Mother

This title is both accurate and misleading.  Congratulations Ben and Rachel!

Also, in keeping with the theme, some lovely pictures taken by globe-trotting Andriana (fact checkers?) of Thursday’s honey extraction and mead brewing:

Mead is supposed to be a fertility booster from Olde Tymes but I know Ben does not indulge in drink and is good in the baby making department.  Maybe it’s less a fertility enhancer than a morale booster for young couples on those first daunting nights back before premarital sex or choosing a partner were invented.

It’s heartwarming to know Ben and Rachel are still living the honeymoon after ten years together.  Big blog love.


One response to “Vida Verano

  1. Thanks for the nearly entire post recognition, dude. Mom is goofy over the blog, so I actually scored double points by hooking her up with another grandchild and blogging about it. Cuh-ching! If you and Ada come to visit and wakeboard this summer or next spring, we’ll have to make arrangements for you to sleep in separate rooms unless you want to join the parent club. Something in the river water and SPF 30.

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