A Relapse

I’ve been out of organized exercising since I moved from the swamps to the mountains a decade ago but my old ways are catching up with me.  This morning I’m registering a team for the Lake Logan Triathalon.  It’s awesome because Lake Logan feeds the Pigeon River, which is not only named after my nemesii, but where I went twice last week for rafting and swimming in the glorious Midnight Hole.  This Saturday it’s going to be all work and getting kicked in the face during the 1500m swim portion before I hand the baton to my unmet mates Tim and Ben.  Our (my) stated purpose is to destroy Seth, who shunned me because I wasn’t Team Seth material.  We’ll have to settle for destroying Seth’s team in our imaginations, however, because they’re way faster than us.  The Tonya Harding strategy has been discussed.

Here’s a leaf from my training log:

week 1- 2 miles at the Y cold pool

week 2 – no activity

week 3 – no activity

week four – 2000k swim 3x

weeks 5-6 – see weeks 2-3, unless climbing up and down ladders counts as training

week 7 –  John and Michael visit.  Open Water Swim simulation during Pigeon River raft trip.  Michael Brocato deploys hidden waterproof cigarette case.  I bum and smoke my 3rd and most glorious cigarette in this life.  Helmeted and life jacketed, head back and ears submerged, I drift downstream in silence, inhaling foul, poisonous, stimulating air in the cold river flow.  Our rafting guide had never seen an open water immersive smoke-break in all of his 6 years on the river.  Michael B’s an innovator.  The Pigeon was actually moved over a couple hundred feet to make room for I-40 which was blasted through some of the roughest country I’ve ever seen.  We smoked.  The hawks soared high above.  18 wheelers roared alongside just out of sight.

Week 8 – Triathalon in 5 days.  Swam half a mile yesterday.  Blogged about it.


16 responses to “A Relapse

  1. Hi, Michael, I have just found you again at Highland St. Obviously, have had my head buried for months. Love what you have written. Feel somewhat caught up with your summer doings. So glad you and Ada had such grand visitors.

    Congrats on the Triathalon. Joel seems into similar activity. Got a bike not too long ago, and is definitely running.

    Dad ran away from home yesterday and went fishing. It had been too long, and he just had to do it. Went about 2 1/2 hours straight south. Caught a redfish and a couple of other types–some kind of catfish ? Anyway, he managed to leave about 4 am and fished til noon. Got home about 4. Mainly, it is simply too hot for such activity, but he HAD to do it.

    I have been mowing a lot. Am about to head out for an hour before it, again, is too hot. Will join my stitch n bitch group this afternoon. Am undoing 7 inches of a blanket that I got goofed up on and didn’t catch the mixup. A camo. blanket for Josh’s expected first-born in Sept. or Oct. Wish I wasn’t a perfectionist and could give things that aren’t right. But, I can’t do it.

    Will head to Lafayette for Sat. am. for Amelie’s 5th bday. A skating party. I told her I would not be skating. 🙂 Her short hair cut sure is cute.

    Mother remains the same. But, she had a crown come off one of her front teeth last Wednesday. Joe Campo went to Regency Thursday to re-glue him (what a saint!). It held for about 7 hours and came off again as she ate corn flakes. Called Joe Thursday evening. He was at his camp for the weekend, but had me take the tooth to his office. He hopes to work on the tooth to make more glue-able space and will try when he has the tooth ready to re-glue. I HOPE it works.

    Gotta go water a bit and mow an hour. Will try to stay more in touch this way.

    Lots of love to you and Ada. Mom

  2. Well, I’m going to say it … Don’t start smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Got a good laugh out of Seth comments. You forgot to mention the Murph rejection, as that made for a good laugh when you told us about it the other day.

  3. Michael. Stop it. It will give you zits!!!! GG’s tooth came out again after Joe Campo’s second attempt to re-glue yesterday. To her dismay, she may have to be a toothless wonder.

    • saddest skating video EVER! I so feel guilty that for years we’ve been mocking Kerrigan’s “WHHYYYYYYY?” I used that last week. I’m having flashbacks to the little girl I forced off the monkey bars in 2nd grade who said the same thing…

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