Alignments in the Blogiverse

Wow.  Spellcheck has no problems with blogiverse.  Correction.  Spellcheck does not function in the the title line.  It’s out of bounds.

My constant manipulation of the media is paying off big time.  Today I’m simultaneously mentioned and linked from 2 of the superblogs I follow, Breadtruck and Welder, who also happen to be currently misusing my comment section to chat about their obsessions with tiny guitars.

Now if I can just get Weaverfin to write something about me the trinity would be in alignment focusing a powerful stream of net-based energy at my site, fulfilling my blog’s destiny to be the ONE TRUE BLOG.

This has never been done before, so if I mysteriously vanish after the SINGULARITY EVENT, I’m probably trapped in the distant future where virtual reality and/or realty is way better than the actual version.  That or I’m just wasting time at the Dripolator.

Wait a minute.  Now spell check IS working in the title section but not down here in the composition section!  Maybe this is what happens during time travel…


4 responses to “Alignments in the Blogiverse

  1. I finally succeeded in making a post too bizarre to draw a comment. So I’ll comment my ownself. Thanks for playing along, Malinda. I await blog rapture…

    I can already feel the repellent forcefield my weirdness is creating to keep future readers from being tricked into clicking here off facebook.

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