Feel-Good Tool of the Week

Okay, generous mystery benefactors.  Today I’m starting a gift registry for folks who stumble upon my blog with excess cash they’re trying to get rid of.  Any gifts forwarded to Highland Street will be used to support the production of high-end posts, or create sawdust.  The first featured dream tool is both zero-emission and incredibly dangerous. Behold, the battery operated chainsaw!

Once upon a time I regularly climbed trees on skinny ropes I did my best to avoid slicing with razor sharp double edged pruning saws and angry exhaust spewing german chainsaws.  Much of the work was clearing deadwood with said super-sharp handsaws.  The work was brutal and often bloody.  Just try climbing around in a tree with one hand clutching a tool with a thousand tiny daggers.  I dreamed of the day when light and quiet power tools would be introduced in the industry.  Leave it to the Japanese.  Technically proficient AND sworn enemies of noise pollution.

Thankfully, I’ve evolved down from the trees but my obsession with powerful, light, quiet tools has only intensified.  I almost always buy Makita tools now for those very qualities.  Their equipment works really well, is hard to break, and is blessedly quiety.  That goes for mitre saws and air compressors.  Who ever dreamed of quiet air compressors?  My neighbors thank you, hardworking asian engineers!


4 responses to “Feel-Good Tool of the Week

  1. McLure, while I would love to enable your need for high end power tools, I already have someone on my donation list. My dad is a retired electrician turned gardener and cattleman. He is constantly buying some sort of tool that will help him do his job, I mean, hobby better, faster, and with outstanding results. I’m sure that I might inherit some one day in the distant future. At that time, I will be happy to issue you a library card whereby you can check them out, if you are willing.

    His purchases also make it almost impossible to find the man a birthday or Christmas present. My mom has stopped asking “where are you going to use this?” or “why do you need this?” Because often his reply is “I might need this one day.”

    Happy donation soliciting

    • This father/purchaser figure sounds familiar… Dad likes to spend his free time roaming Sams looking for a good deal on tools and artifacts he has 2 or 3 of already but can’t find in his cluttered storage building. Unless I’m written out of the will for voting the big O into office I’ll inherit a vast arsenal of firearms. We can loan each other tools and weaponry.

  2. I didn’t know I had an off spring who goes by the handle of Weaverfin…who knew? But I did HAVE to buy a new 18 V, 1/2 inch drill to replace my old 9 V…..and I actually plan on using it soon….I promise….I really do promise…soon, yeh soon, real soon but not today…even though the bits and the wiring is all set out to enstall a debth finder on the front of the marsh boat…the need to drill a 3/4 inch hole in aluminum being the excuse for the new drill.

    Any idea who the generous, mystery benefactor might be?
    I already have a little chain saw, a medium chain saw, a pole chain saw attachment to the weed eater but no 18 V chainsaw.

    Michael, you just “flung a crav’n” on me.

    I’ve had to substitute diesel and hydrolics for the muscles of youth I once had…and, with enough good tools, attachments to a tractor, etc., a man can spend thousands of dollars to avoid being dependent on hired help that would cost hundreds of dollars, take up no storeage room where items are lost or simply misplaced…only to be repurchased on the assumption that they are lost forever…only to be found once the replacement has been purchased (you might have wondered how BJ came to have multiples of the same tool…and now you know) and help out the un or under employed.

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