Let the right cat in

The wordpress spam filter is ever vigilant, although my little blog attracts a disappointing amount of work for it.  This piece was so amusing I’ve scraped it out of the filter to broadcasting loud and clear:

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I can’t be held responsible for whatever porn or viruses may be lurking at dressup9x.com.  Clicker beware.  It DOES have style of princess…

If you haven’t been lured away by that seductive pitch allow me to share a pet related story from work.  I’ve been replacing some antique windows for my new friend Ben- not the welder, or Prof. Fuzz.  This is Ben of the running section of  our infamous Lake Logan triathlon team, Team Tonya Harding.  This Ben:

Ben owns a lovely cottage in West Asheville that he shares with Otis.  Otis is a tabby cat of gentle disposition and copious shedding tendencies.  As a rule he avoids me.  As he can skillfully navigate through his remaining lives either indoors or out, on Friday I left the front door open to have easy access to the chop saw.

I had a bit of work to finish up today, and this morning Ben called to check in.  He warned me that there was another cat, who we’ll call Francis, also a tabby cat and remarkably similar to Otis.  To me all tabbies look alike.  They’re my favorite kind of cat, and with the exception of Malinda’s Frodo and Bilbo, generally seem to enjoy people.  I even like Frodo and Bilbo, although they dream of torturing me and then slowly eating me alive, which would still be torture only they’d be receiving nutritional satisfaction as well as perverse feline enjoyment.  Anyway, this Francis character is distinguishable by his black collar, and has one purpose in his remaining lives- to displace Otis as the wrongful king beast in the cottage.  Turns out I’d aided his schemes by letting him in on Friday and when Ben called for Otis when he got home, out trots Francis with a coy, “yes, this is Otis!” expression.

Of course today Francis showed up.  After Friday he had me marked down in the ally column on his master plan to replace Otis.  I didn’t need the black collar to out him.  Otis hasn’t warmed up to me yet, but False Otis jumps right up on my worktable to say hello.  He then jumped down and in passing “accidentally” rubbed my leg in a little, “I love you more than Otis does and it’s only a matter of time before I lure him to a tragic end so you may as well let me in the house now and save us all the trouble.”  No way gatito mentiroso!

The typical cat paradigm was totally reversed.  I’m used to half-crazed indoor kitties and their constant escape attempts.  And I have a long list of cats I’ve been rather fond of who’ve used the opportunity of time outside to run directly into traffic or up inside the engines of parked cars or across the paths of hungry carnivores, so I get it why we become jailers of the beasts we love.  But this playing bouncer to lookalike cats takes some getting used to.

I never saw Otis today.  He avoided me as usual, and that’s cool, but he owes me.

On a completely unrelated note, I highly recommend checking out Beth and Christopher’s farm blog. Beth’s been posting and my cobbler is featured.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve attached the fantastic, if disturbing, cat attack scene from the the 2008 Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In.  Cats hate vampires!


13 responses to “Let the right cat in

  1. Cats with personality! Fun story. Now about that cobbler….gonna go check that out now.

  2. friends and readers of highland street blog, please do not be discouraged by the hard to watch video. track it down. watch it. you will never think of sweden in the same way.

      • Me scart to see Vampire movie again ….Let’s see Jemaine in “Dinner for Smucks” — We’re talking shirtless scenes for Jemaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The quote that’s frozen on the YouTube link screen “We’ve been so effin worried” is awesome. Nothing feels so welcoming, warm, and expresses genuine concern for the prodigal child like being greeted with the open, tearful arms of Mom or Dad as they F bomb you with love.

    • errr. I was so distracted by my anticipation for the cat attack I didn’t even notice the helpful but foulmouthed subtitles unfortunately frozen there. The lady that gets attacked isn’t the daughter who’s the vampire. The daugher is much younger and sweeter looking but she pounced on this lady, who escaped but is turning V and only the cats know it. A sorry homecoming indeed!

  4. Yeah I watched it last week and was confused by the older, not sweet looking vampiress. I loved how they zoomed in on that one cat as he rared back his head for maximum teeth-plunging thrust. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-nnnnaaaaaahhhhhh. Chomp!

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