Congratulations Memi and Gabe, of Austin, TX, on the happy birth of a girlchild, their first.  She’s pretty cute for a newborn.

Memi is Ada’s oldest friend from Matamoros.  They got into all kinds of trouble together, like pouring detergent into the backyard potable water cistern in a game called “submarine,” or climbing onto the roof of the home of  a widow in the neighborhood and scheming to block her chimney so she’d “suffocate.”  Just little acts of pretend and actual domestic terrorism.  Memi grew up across the border in Texas, but her grandmother lived next door to Ada and company so she was always crossing into old Mexico looking for trouble.  Ada swears they made a pact to give their names to each other’s children, and was holding a stash of Bebe’s recipes hostage until Memi came through.

Bebe (pronounced bey-bay) is Memi’s one eyed, sassy abuela.  Every time I’ve met Bebe she’s sported this perpetual fantastic grin, like she just told a really dirty joke followed by a shot of tequila and is daring you to look shocked.  She actually has two eyes, but one of them is glass, which is a powerful tool for commanding absolute attention.  If I could pop one of my eyes out temporarily and go glass, I’d do it.  It would be really useful in certain situations, like bank transactions or instructing children.

Anyway, this lovely little creature is named Magnolia, which is a beautiful name but takes way longer to spell than Ada.  I think Ada should just give up the recipes as a good faith offer and hope for better luck with Magnolia’s future siblings.


9 responses to “Magnolia

    • this week we enjoyed her pay de atun, which is a crusty meat pie made with potatoes and olives and canned tuna. It’s way more delicious than I expected it to be. The guacamole recipe we use most is from Jay, my bro-in-law. He’s a Lafayette cajun. It makes sense because cajuns are pretty much french mexicans. Food. Family. Drinking. Dancing. Church. (Shuffle, repeat) Also guacamole in Mexico is too easy b/c the avocados are so damn delicious.

      • I can attest to the deliciousness of the cajun guacamole. It is very tasty.

        Greetings to Magnolia. I’m sure Tia Ada has more stories to tell on Mama Memi.

  1. from memi:

    Wow!! We’re honored! She’s already taking over the world!

    En serio me muero por que vengan a Austin a conocerla. You’re gonna love her! She might even help you change your mind about having one. Then we could truly have memi and ada 2.0

    Michael’s right, does it have to be the first born?

    The campaign still has hope, the most convincing platform being if you have one too!

    Love you!!


    Ps- are you “Sauce”? Ms hardy was a massive bitch and died only a couple years ago. She must have been 140!

  2. Magnolia is absolutely perfect, Micheal. You guys are great and I only regret that we do not live closer together being that we really had a lot of fun last year. I can hardly believe that it was a year ago already (and then some). i don’t know that we will ever use the name Ada, but I do know that Bebe loves me and I have been meaning to talk to her about some recipes… I’m sure she will share. Haha! Either way, we are looking forward to seeing you both very soon. Cheers, the Gabe.

  3. gabe, when you say i don’t know if we’ll ever use the name ada, you just meant like for the next couple of weeks right? then magnolia will get her new nickname, baby ada? or the more colloquial adita?

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