Lost and Found in Translation

photo stolen from Maria Rusafova

This post is recycled from the facebook wall of my friend M. Rusafova, who could at one time be found at all hours with her husband Jakub walking their firstborn through our neighborhood because he would only sleep on the move.  M & Kuba now have two beautiful Polish-Bulgarian-American children and live in a house they designed and built themselves that belongs on a cover of Dwell.  Maria shared this list of I assume Bulgarian childhood reflections originated by something called Wings of a Dream.  Thanks to the magic of google translation, we can all share this bastardized version:

Do you remember what it was to .. 🙂
1.Da go to the TV and turn it off power switch
2. Wait to get a real letter in your email
3. Gather pictures of gum turbo , whether boy or girl
4. Do you collect the tape from the tape and wound it with your finger or pencil 🙂
5. Wafer cuckoo rukuuuuuu
6. Summer you need money for ice cream , not alcohol
7. To watch videos with your favorite videos
8. Waiting to happen on Sunday at 5 pm on Disney
9. Playing hide and seek , guards thieves , Captain Captain , what is a sea king what love zamrazvanka ..
10. To complete scrapbook
11. Ride with the counter instead of brake
12. To mount a tree and picked wild plums to cherries or
13. To collect ” Mickey Mouse “
14. To spend his summers with grandparents in the countryside <33
15. To go back home with a stray kitten , full of fleas
16. To jump rope and elastic
17. friend to play with some fun games with your hands ( crack and singing ) / still remember one ; x /
18. To ring the bells of people to run and hide
19. Eat cotton candy and all clingy
20. Queen of Spades to cry and all derivatives Spirits
21.Na your birthday , the cake is cooked by Mom
22. Do you write notes in class and predavate them from hand to hand secret, instead of just sending me sms
23. To collect , exchange calendars, napkins, notes mirisheshti
24. To paint with colored chalk on the asphalt in the absence of any and all tile and pebbles to leave traces
25. To play until late evening in the gully , all to izpodran and do not hear that they cry to go back because it is too late
26. With hours to Lego Reddy
27. Becoming whole blood and in wounds, but do not go back to not prohibit you to go out again
28. To drink water from cheshmichkite rather than plastic bottles
29. Not have computers , 3D games, CDs , GSM- and , 150 channel cable TV, Internet and think Tetris and Super Mario interesting
30. To steal flowers from the yards of her mother and old women from their balconies to make you , [ <33
31. If someone you have to go with them without his calling
32. To use passwords only when invent a game , not to bring them somewhere
33. If you want to contact with semystvoto , to have only one number , not 15
34. Being convinced that your father is superhero
35. Do you have a secret language with your friends
37. Do you put pictures from my birthday in albumche not on Facebook 😉
to me personally my eyes welled …
, what do you think? I was not on – nice when we were small and life was – simple ?
this is for people who lived at that time … others can not understand what I speak , which is really sad ; .
I hope at least for a while I make you return to your childhood and you smiled ! ^ ^

I want to play Guards and Thieves!  It’s amazing how the software creates both gibberish and poetry- like #27, which is some reference to transubstantiation, or #20, another mystical reference.  And no, kids today don’t play “crack and singing” in enough gullies.

Since marrying a non-native english speaker who for years would bring home stories from Catholic Charities where she work helping other immigrants with their papers, I’ve been a connoisseur of how artfully words are sometimes accidentally arranged in a second language.  I’m especially fond of how native portuguese speakers beautifully reconstruct the sounds and syntax of the english language.  Perhaps my bias is influenced by how invariably good looking the folks from Brazil speaking those wobbly yet sensuous sentences are.  Green eyes and golden skin… now I’m just getting distracted.

Let’s get back to the translator.  The photo above is one Maria took on a recent trip in which her amazing family defied all logic and reasonable expectation of what young children are capable of by hiking a full week on the Appalachian Trail.  Here’s the comment thread from facebook:


Hmmm… this cart as a garage, are you really?

Pure gibberish.  But in a different photo:

  • 3 people like this.
    • Michael McLure that look on K’s face is priceless. R’s thinking, is dad okay?

      5 hours ago ·  · 
    • Maria Rusafova ha ha, K. was not ok, he couldn’t even get up from that kneeling position without B’s help. That backpack was a monster!

      about an hour ago ·  · 
    • Bistra Hristova Щом сте минали на съкращения, работата е била сериозна – дет се вика – името не можеш да си кажеш.

      45 minutes ago ·  · 


Once you have gone to the cuts, the work was serious – death is shouting – the name you can not say.

WOW!  I don’t know what the hell that means but that’s some profound oracular shit, if you’ll pardon my french.  I’m going to start translating my posts into bulgarian and then back into english.  I’m gonna be a non acid based psychedelic blogster!

Perhaps lost in cultural translation is the significance of this video my neighbor Sean posted on FB.  I was actually watching his video this morning out back when he stumbled out of his house shirtless to go fetch a clean one from the dryer in his basement.  He ignored me on the way down to the basement but I caught his attention on the way back up.

Me: SEAN!  I’m watching your video!

Sean:  Whuh?

Me:  Your video!  It’s great!.

Sean:  Okay…

Talk about a human caterpillar!  The comments on youtube swing between admiration and dismissive fear of a lockstep group-mind society.  I think it’s great.  A highly geometrical yet silly ballet.

Thanks FB and the Rusafova-Marculis clan and sleepy Sean!

Wafer Cuckoo Rukuuuuu!!!!


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