Zombie Pie 10/10/10


zombie kids love juice too!

This man has killed more video game zombies than any of us can imagine. He knows the enemy well.

the girl on the far right absolutely time traveled from 1985. She's not a zombie but it's the perfect disguise.


the horde

Wait a minute. That's a picture from the 2006 immigration march Ada helped organize. How did that get in here? Those are aliens, not zombies! Many tourists were more comfortable with the undead rising.


Ronald looks less creepy dead.

this dog was deeply disturbed

Zombified Zack Galifianakis

Happy Holiday!  Remember that, given time, Zombies are a self correcting problem.


7 responses to “Zombie Pie 10/10/10

  1. Remember when the Z’s accidentally marched into the Sarah Palin rally in ’08 and almost got shot down in the streets by security?

  2. I was just thinking… what kind of protest/bombing would result if someone had dared to dress up as a zombie Muhammad instead of Jesus? Such a double standard of tolerance we have.

    • That got me thinking. I don’t think anyone would have been able to recognize a Prophet Mohammed (I’ll use the alt spelling) zombie. He would have just been labeled an Al Queda operative zombie.

      I think its more of a double standard of intolerance problem. Christians are generally more tolerant of humorous depictions of the deity. At least they don’t get murderously angry. At least not that I’ve heard. If you know of any please warn me and I will take the video down. I’m not trying to make a stand here. I just thought being taking down by zombie jesus and getting it on video was pretty great. If only he was also on fire…

      • Oh, but if they had recognized him…OUTRAGE!!! Remember the backlash after they depicted him in a cartoon? I don’t know of anyone in particular that would get murderously angry either. I could think of a dozen or so characters that the Phish head could have played that wouldn’t have been as disrespectful to others (even if he thinks Christianity is a joke), but I’m incapable of being even spit-ball-throwing angry with all this beautiful weather we’re having.

  3. we, too are having a silly good blue sky day in Carolina del Norte. Yesterday was our first wintery day, though. A little tease of snow and sleet. I was part of a 2 man support wagon for 3 badass crazy ladies that did a 4-5 hour trail run that covers 18 miles and climbs 5000′ called the Shut-in race. We drove the extra snacks around and enjoyed a toasty lunch of tex-mex and with XX drafts while they slowly, excuse the expression, crucified themselves on the mountain. Each according to his or her ability. Talk about the walking dead at the race finish! There was a tent set up for free massages with the poor pitiful people being rubbed underneath a pile of blankets.

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