Internet Cafe quickie…

im in the country of colombia, in an internet cafe.  i cannot find the apostraphe button.  some updates on my trip thusfar

for 2ooo pesos (about a dollar) i bought a raffle ticket for a sizable pig, a cerdo, that was trapped in a cage pulled to town daily by a man on a bicycle.  If I win the pig I plan to free him and then slaughter him and make lots of Colombian friends quickly.

You may notice that I now  write at sixth grade level.  That´s because my spanish is at a first grade level so my english has regressed with my brain perpetually exhausted by my feeble efforts to communicate here.

Also I´m entered in a raffle for a motor scooter and athother for some nice cookware.  These were free with my other purchases.  I´m under the alias of Maicol McLane just in case the criminal element is tracking this wealthy gringo.

I´ve wasted ten minutes of my 15 here.  In summary, Colombia is a fantastical place- like the lord of the rings movie with more coffee bushes and things assembled from bamboo.  The people are friendly and the refreshments are exceptionally affordable.  We´re in a small town straight from a Garcia Marquez novel with a firetruck as old as I am.  Next we go to a larger city where it´s illegal to have a male passenger along for a ride on your motorcycle because of the high frequency of assasinations.  Female passengers are acceptable as long as they have a helmet and jacket with the license plate number clearly displayed.

More to follow.  Photos even.


7 responses to “Internet Cafe quickie…

  1. Red alert!!! Tell Ada that Custom is closing. Repeat — Custom is closing. What are we going to do?!?!?!?!?! p.s. What is the plantain action like? Am craving plantains …

    • the plantians are fantastic. i grow tired of meat and more meat and huge ass lunches so today i had flattened fried salty plantains for lunch with some of ada}s fried catfish. with colombian beer. we{re about to watch an outdoor movie in the town square in santa fe de antiocia where ther{s an international film festival. i{m bringing home handicrafts to a lucky few i can attach handicraft with appreciation. custom closing so so sad.

  2. Yerno,yerno,yerno what are you up to????????Como estan?????.Are you happy? comonesta mi hija? Dancing every night or talking all the time?????.Muchos besos and take care….Tu suegra

    • we´re being safe, although reports from small arms fire were audible from the apartment tower we´re staying in when the blasting salsa music stopped for a moment. i wish i was kidding. still. its a really big city and we have excellent protective guides. this spell check is set for spanish so it thinks every word i write is mispelled.

    • har. yeah 15 is quality time. it goes so fast when you^}re paying for it and the clock is ticking, though. Damnit i will find the apostrophe on this keyboard. also there{s never time for photo uploads. crap. only 2 minutes left. i love you america, your wages are excellent in comparison to economies south of the equator.

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