Dec 26, Worst Birthdate Ever

We’re so very pleased that she was born, even if she doesn’t get much credit for it on the day.

Lots of love to Prof. Fuzz and momma Judy as well,  also doomed to yearly disappointment in December.  Sorry, kids, you just can’t compete with little baby Jesus and the airlines and itunes for attention this month.

Can this post count as a present?


9 responses to “Dec 26, Worst Birthdate Ever

  1. It is a better present than I gave her today. The present consisted of me singing happy birthday to her. Not the whole song because I do cherish her friendship and as both of my parents reminded me while I was calling today, “I thought Heather was a friend. Why would you torture her by singing?”

    Happy birthday to Heather

  2. Great pictures, Michael!



    PS I took a couple pictures of your house covered in snow to document the Great Christmas Blizzard of 2010.

  3. This is awesome — Fuzz told me I needed to get on the computer and see what ‘up!

    Ah, the good old days … when I had a personality. It is the worst birthdate ever — but the good thing is that everyone remembers it. The bad thing is that there is not enough alcohol at the Graves’ family events or I would have gotten a full song. Thanks, friends.

  4. lol, am glad you’re home safe and sound — p.s. McLure … yes, fun blog post counts as present! ty, Hot Sauce!

  5. Yes, this counts as a wonderful b-day present. But, I really love my French Country Diary! Thanks to you and Ada. Glad you are safe and sound back home. I suspect you have had more snow since the last photo. It is cold for us here in La.–35–but, nothing like your weather. Lots of love, mom

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