Freaky Friday

Here’s an exceptionally reference-worthy story from Radiolab, the finest podcast in the multiverse.

Download the one called Lost and Found.  I was struck (as in stricken with wonder) by the third story of the podcast, so forward forty and a half minutes into it if you want to get to the juicy part.

Click, HEAR!

Also, a photographic montage of Stormtrooperly Love:

High fives for free time! I'm not even gonna take off my gear before I start enjoying myself. Let's do this!


Hey Bud, I bet I can climb that big ass tree better than you!


Yo, I'm already halfway up this byatch. Dude, are you high already?

Totally! Being a gunner on the death star is boring as hell. Nobody attacks the death star! Plus I gotta wear this helmet all day long. I'll never get caught.

I hate that job but I just can't beat the bennies, bruh. Plus it's EASY and they don't block the internet. Tree climbing rocks!

High Fives for tree climbing!

(spontaneous hugs...)

Love you, Bro! You too, man. Let's go get some Chick-fil-a!



9 responses to “Freaky Friday

  1. Michael – please turn Stormtrooperly Love into a stop animation film or develop a whole tv series or comic book series that I could obsessively watch or read.

  2. That would be a pretty excellent project, but I’m rarely bored or brain damaged enough to worry over posing toys for the photo shoot. You can come over any time for a collaboration. Bring Bilbo and Frodo!

    • May show up one day with cats and beer in tow. Bilbo and Frodo would look like Godzilla (Catzillas) next to the action figures like from an old B or C movie.

      • I’m thinking this would be awesome except your cats would shred the props too quickly and exhaust the production budget for more beer.

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  4. HeYO! Nuclear Missile News just linked to my blog as an important additional source of information on developing events! Yes I approve.

  5. It would be awesome if the love story between the two action figures ended in a classic raining down of fire compliments of WD 40 and a lighter.
    Good times.

    • Future potential plot points involve carbonite freezing chambers (always a tear jerker) and battles against giant mice. One small setback is that one of our cast members may have been adopted (stolen) by a visiting little person or persons.

  6. I pine for a return of Dirk. May he/she/it return. I would like a redo of the salsa, graaavy and whatever resistant phone book cover clip too, while you’re at it.

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