literary shooting star

From Diversadero by Michael Ondaatje:

Rafael and I follow the river that disappears under a chaos of boulders and emerges once more a few hundred yards further from the forest. We walk in silence beside it. Eventually we come to a ford where our river meets a road and covers it, or from another perspective, where the road has come upon the river and sunk below its surface, as if from a life lived to a life imagined. We have been following the river, so that now we must look on the road as a stranger. The depth of water is about twelve inches, more when the spring storms come racing at low levels over the fields and leap into the trees so nests capsize and there is the crack of old branches and then silence before each plummets in their fall. The forest, Rafael says, always so full of revival and farewell.

They merge, the river and the road, like two lives, a tale told backwards and a tale told first. We see a vista of fields and walk through the clear water that floods the gravel path, leaving the background of forest with each step.



3 responses to “literary shooting star

  1. I don’t read directions first. I was sitting here with dropped jaw thinking that I totally do not know this friend of mine who is such an amazing poet and then I see that it’s an excerpt. Awesome.
    Speaking of dropped jaw, Anderson Silva kicked Vitor Belfort in the face and jaw while standing directly in front of him last night. Brutally delicious.

  2. Just been rereading Ondaatje and wanted to share. He’s in my top 3 but it takes him forever to serve up a new read. I don’t know if Silva and Belfort are poets, pit fighters, or football players.

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