a sylistic development, almost

re: the exclusive use of the lower case in the blog from here on out, or until i get a new computer, and i hope to never buy a new computer.  look.  i’m an old dog, and this trick is beyond me.

i think we can all agree to blame this whole sad affair on mavis beacon.  mavis’ touch typing tutor program trained me to type well enough in the comfort of my own bedroom on the apple IIc, when I wasn’t hunting wampuses or wizards.  however, i somehow neglected to work the right shift key into my touch typing toolkit.  obviously, this had profound consequences on my future political leanings.  anyhoo, the left side shift key died a few days after my apple care warranty expired this month. maybe the same day. 9Add steve jobs to the shitlist along with mavis b.0  it’s just too late in life for me to learn to embrace a new key reach.  Also readers will need a punctuation decoder for the symbols I can no longer access from the left. 9it’s easy to decode but takes some gettin’ used to.0

wait a minute.  I just discovered auto correct.  Please disregard this post.  also, my apologies for how much space the apostrophes required today.  i’m using a new wordprocessor and when i paste into wordpress the apostophes get all edgy and territorial and yell at the ensuing text to BACK THE FUCK OFF!  yes, i resorted to a right shift reach to capitalize that f bomb.  also wordpress doesn’t have autocorrect, as far as i know, so please re-regard this post.

random feeder photos from my album, anyone?

and while i’m rambling, here’s a gazelle swan ball girl doing her thing:



4 responses to “a sylistic development, almost

  1. Glad to see a new post. Sad to hear about your computer failure.
    Also sad to share that this ball girl bit is an old hoax, though fun to watch. Missed you, buddy.

  2. a hoax?1! wait a minute… let’s engage the caps lock… A HOAX?!1 WHAT DO YOU MEAN A HOAX? THAT… lady is the love child of jackie chan and, darmnit, i can’t think of a single famous major league outfielder… i have a sports learning disability. how can that be a hoax? i refuse to believe the technology is currently available to pull off such a stunt.

    also, sorry i didn’t pick up when you called me the other day. i was in the middle of something REALLY IMPORTANT… i think i was putting the finishing touches on a dish for the weekly survivor potluck, and when i say finishing touches i mean roasting week old ber’ld potatoes from the previous weekend’s epic shrimp boil. and i have a wierd phobia about returning phone calls which i find to be a general impediment to maintaining friendships.

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