i logged into wordpress today and was blown away by the blog metrics graph, until i realized that i was getting so little traffic they’d changed the scale of the graph.  2.0 hits a day is way less than 20 a day, but looks exactly the same on the graph with the altered scale.  that’s so considerate of wordpress, to build my blogger self-esteem by tweaking the graphics to make them look better.  thank you! (to be read aloud in a sing song voice)

i didn’t mean to log in today.  i’m supposed to be cleaning the kitchen before the guests arrive.  some folks i’ve met once are sleeping over to attend hugh and sheri’s wedding.  (whoop whoop H & S!!!) ((and whoop whoop to be read aloud in a high pitched voice.))

i bonded with these ladies when hugh and i drove the support wagon when sheri and friends competed in an insane trail marathon that was over twenty miles along a ridge in the uphill direction.  too me this is a thing a person with mental illness or another person being chased by bears would do, but to these ladies it is just something to do on a saturday.  did i mention this was in the winter time?  we had to trespass on part of the blue ridge parkway that was closed for the season in order to bring morale support and snacks to the runners (aka crazies.)

anyhoo, i clicked on one of the homepage you tube videos, which i’ve done only once or twice before, since i usually do not enjoy browsing the internet, and came across a preview for a music video.  i did not know there was such a thing as a preview for a music video, but here is incontrovertible proof:

i think worpress should shame me into posting more, and stop all this self-esteem nurturing.  it has proven more effective in my experience.

gosh damnit, after i published this post wordpress kicked me to a page with all kinds of tips for getting more traffic.  they’ve got me on a remedial education track!  i’ll tell you how to get more traffic, kids- you have to actually write crap on the blog with some kind of regular frequency.


2 responses to “pendergrass

  1. Dats dah truf Michael. So, please write more. I love your stories. Is Hugh “our” Hugh who came south to help you with the cottage? If so, congrats and many happy returns to him and his bride. Glad it was last weekend and not this. Are you getting rain in your world?

  2. yes hugh is hugh. there is only hugh. i’ll pass on the congrats. we’re in the blissful area outside the hurricane that steals all the good weather from the area inside.

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